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Hello and welcome to my website where I'm providing Online Marketing Education to those who would love to make sure that they are armed with the knowledge that will help guide them in the right direction and prevent them from failing in their online business.

I remember years ago when I first started doing business on the Internet. To say that I was naïve would be an understatement. I remember that I was excited when I joined my first opportunity and had to go out to post ads everywhere. I posted free ads and paid for some, and then I waited for the money to start rolling in. The money never came, and I got a hole in my pocket. After about a month, I joined another opportunity, and even though I was spending time posting ads, the results were the same. This pattern repeated many times, and I had nothing to show for all my efforts.

I am sure this is similar to what most people experience in their early days of online marketing, and it really is frustrating and discouraging that it causes many to quit. The disappointment is just too painful and gets worse when those close to you start to use your situation to mock you, saying words like, "I told you so!"

Many things contribute to the failure of thousands who start online ventures, but the number one thing I have found is the lack of online marketing education. Yes, there are lots and lots of information all over the Internet, and even though we read and read till we feel we've satisfied our appetites, we still come up empty handed. The problem is that rather than following a straight path and focusing on one source of information, we often tend to read here and read there and get ourselves overloaded with information. In the end, we only end up getting confused because everyone wants to sell us something and they "Educate us" only in a bid to make a sale and subsequently walk away leaving us stranded. It is like feeding the fish with chum, and once they get caught, they get thrown away.

I have been doing this for over 10 years, and I never found someone who took me by the hand and guided me until I became a success. Companies get a lot of members, so they don't really care about individual members. The most they do is to give you the tools and information you need and leave you to go out there to advertise your business. They never tell you about the different types of advertising methods and that you need to master one or two of them. They encourage you to go after family members and friends but fail to tell you that these people are notorious for one thing, and that's discouraging or even ridiculing you. Most of them – your friends and family members that are more knowledgeable can even go extra miles to produce a detailed report with ‘citations and references’ (pun intended) showing how you are going to fail. This in itself is a tough one because instead of playing supporting roles as your loved ones, they often choose to be sources of discouragement. Not that they necessarily need to purchase anything from you, just a little bit of encouragement from them could go a long way.

Over the years, I have developed a thick skin and have stayed away from those who I think would put barriers rather than encouragements on my path. I have learned to block negative comments and look at the positive side when hearing someone tell me how something is not going to work. I read a lot of business books, and also visit websites that offer valuable information so I can keep up to date with events and the growth continues every day. I have always believed that quitting is never an option.

Due to my love for helping others to succeed, I created this website on Online Marketing Education and business in general, so I can share with you my experiences and what I have learned over the years. I hope I can pass along something that will make a difference in your life and if I can just help one person; I have accomplished my goal.

If you feel that you need Online Marketing education, then I hope you come by more often as I will be adding a lot of information as time goes by. Before going further, please check my "About Me" page. This way you will know who I am and also get to feel more comfortable knowing that I am a regular person just like you.

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