Advertising Co-op

Advertising Co-op

I would like to start the advertising co-op this weekend if possible. Hopefully Saturday afternoon  (12/ 02/2017).

The co-op is a one time payment of $10 and the advertising page of those who participate is going to be in the rotator.

Results will vary and this depends on many factors.

I have received 10 to 14 sign ups with 200 credits and have received 5 with 400 at one point. This means the results are not guaranteed and with that in mind, we all are taking the risk that we may or may not get sign ups.

As mentioned in one of my previous emails, I will purchase 200 credits and I will add them to our co-op. This means we will have 400 clicks at least and this will give us a bigger chance of getting referrals.

If some of your upline is participating in the co-op, your chances are greater to get members under you.

You can look up your upline and see if the person from the list below is one of them. I have another account under my original account and I will pay the $10 for that position.

Right now we have the following people who paid for the advertising co-op:

  1. Hector Rivera $73 for 200 credits user name harzt01
  2. Hector Rivera $10 user name harzmarketing2
  3. Richard Malone $10
  4. Viola Fravel $10
  5. Richard Wheeler $10
  6. Naimo Mohamed $10
  7. Maria Hernandez $10
  8. Theresa Day $10

We are using Udimi for our advertising co-op.

If you would like to participate in the advertising co-op, you can send your $10 via PayPal at That's the only payment method I'm using for all my transactions. Please send the $10 as a friend because PayPal will not charge a fee. If you send it for business services then we will have to pay for that fee.

Also, do not enter any comments in the comment section. I will let you know once I received your 10 bucks.

I will send another email to our downlines and see if there are more people who would like to participate.

This is what you should do if you get sign ups:

If you get sign ups and you have upgraded members. Please move at least one member under them. This way, they will get pumped up and it is more likely that they will stay active.

You have 7 days to move members and if you have a basic account, you can move members only from your fist level. Those who are premium, can move them in all levels. Do not move members under those who are inactive or are not upgraded.

Other information:

The free report

The report is all done and it's called:

"How To Build A Downline In Any Program Successfully."

Click here to go to the download page

I made a text document so you can change your referral links. There are not many links and the most important one that you need to change is your GDI referral URL. The PDF file is also going to be available for download.

Lead capture page

A lead capture page is being created as we speak. It will look a lot better than the one I'm using right now. In that splash page, I will be giving the free report. Hopefully the optin and the sign up rate will increase.

I will let you know as soon as the free report is available for download.

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