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Why You Need To Use An Autoresponder Marketing Campaign

You need to set up an autoresponder marketing campaign if you are advertising online. If you are not doing this, you are losing money. The term "The Money Is In The List" is a common phrase in the online marketing arena and I can see why.

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If you are advertising a website and your visitors don't have a place to sign up, when they leave, they are gone forever. This is like having people come to visit your brick and mortar store from the other side of the world. They come to your store, make a purchase if you are lucky and when they leave, they will never come back.

People who visit your website may not be interested in your products at the time of their visit but after several email follow ups, they will eventually buy from you. Most people don't buy at first and a lot has to do with not knowing who they are buying from but once they read your follow up emails, they develop trust and will be more inclined to make purchases.

In order to do online business, you must use an autoresponder so you can follow up with your leads. There is no question about it and if you are not willing to spend money in a good one, now you are aware that you will be leaving money on the table.

There are a lot of autoresponders out there and in my opinion, the cheapest and easiest to work with is Traffic Wave. They charge $17.95 a month and you can have unlimited campaigns with unlimited subscribers. The other ones I'm familiar with charge an arm and a leg and you can go broke in no time.

If you have never used an autoresponder, don't be afraid to get one because anyone can learn how to use them. They all provide videos that show how to create your campaigns. At first, it will seem overwhelming but you need to immerse yourself and learn as much as you can and practice a lot. It will become second nature at some point.

There are a couple of important things that involve using an autoresponder and these are creating lead capture pages and writing the email follow ups.

Just like the other autoresponders, Traffic Wave has templates that you can use for your autoresponder marketing campaign and they will walk you through the instructions on how to set one up.

Creating the email follow ups is more challenging because you need to write them in a way that will convert your subscribers into buyers. If you have great writing skills then it will be easier for you.

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