Creating A Website For Your Business

Global Domains International Compensation Plan.

Global Domains International Compensation Plan

Creating A Website For Your Business

Creating a website for your business is a must. In this case you will build yours with ease. Remember when you signed up to GDI? If you did sign up using our powerful advertising website, that's the same one you are going to create. Don't worry, it is very easy!

How to create a website using All4Webs

You need to create a website at All4Webs because it is cheaper. I created one there for the purpose of showing you how to build your own website. I am using my website (  with SBI because I already own it and it will help me drive traffic to it which can be beneficial to all of us.

If you would like to own a website like this one, please click here. It costs $299 a year or $29 a month but it is well worth it. This website builder has all the tools in one place and it will drive visitors automatically via SEO.

The instructions below are for everyone especially for those who are thinking about becoming leaders.

Creating Your Website at All4Webs
Step #1) Go to All4Webs, get an account, and upgrade. Yes you need to upgrade for $4.99 a month. If you don't upgrade, your page will receive only 250 hits per day and it will have ads that don't belong to you. This makes it unprofessional and visitors are able to spot it right away. Creating a website is a must!

If you have a way to create your  website at other website builders please do so but I will not be able to help you because I'm only familiar with All4Webs and SBI.

Make sure you learn how to create this website and practice because you will be able to help your members when they ask you for help.

Step #2) Click Here to get the code. Copy the entire code.

Step #3) Return to All4Webs, login, and then click on "Home Page" next to "Edit:"

Step #4) When you get to that page, select  _none_v2 under "Page Style." Under Headline: delete welcome.

Step #5) Click once on the word "Source."

Step #6) Point your mouse anywhere in the source code and click once. The cursor should be blinking on that page. Put your finger on the ctrl key and then click the letter F. Once you do this, a screen will open at the bottom left of your computer or somewhere at the top depending which system you are using.

Once you find that window, enter my user name which is harzt01. Once you enter my user name,  it will highlight that code. Delete the current user name and enter your GDI user name/ Make sure you do not erase anything else and do not add any extra spaces.

Go back to that window and click on the down arrow. This will highlight harzt01 again. Replace it with your GDI user name.

Find user name one more time and replace it. The user user name is in that code 3 times. Once you do this, go to step 7.

The idea is basically to put your GDI user name in that code and getting rid of the one that belongs to someone else. This way, when you get sign ups with GDI, they will go to you.

Step #7) Scroll down and  Under "Link Name" just copy and paste this: "Cannot Lose -- You Get A Website Like This Coted To You -- Paid Members Under You ==>> Sure Success!"

Click on "Save Settings"

After you click on settings, a link will show up on that page. Copy that link, scroll down the page and paste it under "Link URL" which is next to "link Name."

Click "Save Settings" and you are done.

Step #9) Testing your new website. After you clicked on "Save Settings" above, the top of the page shows a link. That's your recruiting website link. Click on that link. Once you are on your recruiting website, scroll down and click on "Click Here To Get Started." Which is on a green box and the GDI form will open on a different window. If your name appears next to "Referred By" then you are OK.  Do this to check the other 2 links on that page.

If my name shows instead of yours, then you need to go back and make sure you make the necessary changes by following the steps above.

As you can see, creating a website was not difficult but If you have trouble, do not hesitate to ask for help, send me an email to Please put in the subject line "GDI Help" and include your full name, GDI user name, and the details of what you need help with. Details like "I need help creating a website at All4Webs" will be helpful. I have you do this because I receive a lot of emails and this way I will be able to help you faster. Remember, creating a website for GDI is not hard. It only involves a few steps.

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