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Domain Forwarding

What is domain forwarding? Domain forwarding is like giving your website an alias. Here is am example. If you search in Google, you will end up getting Is that simple. There is more to it but that's all we need to know for now.

It is important you forward your page you created at All4Webs. This is because your prospects will see your domain rather than the long URL.

Here is what I mean.

This my page url that I created at All4Webs:

My domain name at GDI is:

Which one is better looking?

To forward the website you created to the domain you registered with GDI just follow the instructions below.

1) Login to GDI and click on the link “Domain” in the left of the menu

2) Click on the link "URL Forwarding"

3) Next to your domain in the space place the site I give you or you created at All4Webs.

4) Place a check mark where it says "Mask"

5) Click "Update" at the bottom. If you cannot do this redirection and would like some help, please let me know.

Transferring Member in Your Downline

This is very important because this will your members excited! This is the strategy we use to help everybody. If you refer a member, for example, and place it under one of your members in your downline, you and your member will earn commissions. 

How you transfer members to your Downline

1. Login to your account at

2. Click on the button that says "Downline" located in the menu on the right side.

3. Click on the "Move Downline" button.

4. On step 1, select the member or members you wish to move and place a check in the box.

5. On step 2, select the member to where you would like to move to and place a check in the box.

6. On step 3, check the box confirming you have read and agree to the terms of your downline move(s).

Please keep in mind that all moves are final and not reversible. The person you move a member or members to will not only benefit from having downline members themselves but also from being able to generate some commissions from them. Please note that you as the direct referrer will continue to earn commissions from these downline members as long as they remain in your downline structure. The downline members will also count towards any potential bonuses you may be eligible for.

Please let me know if you have questions.

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