Global Domains International

Global Domains International

Global Domains International is a Network Marketing company that has been around for 17 years. The main products this company offer are .ws domain names and website hosting for $10 a month. This low monthly fee is what has attracted thousands of people to join and make a lot of money based on their sales. 

GDI 5 Level Compensation Plan

The compensation plan pays you $1 per month, per member in your downline 5 levels deep. This is why this is a Network Marketing Company or MLM. The plan is uni-level and not a forced matrix which means that you can build it as wide wide as you want. This is one of the simplest plans to work with in the Network Marketing industry because you are not limited by width like in a forced matrix. This way, you can refer as many people as you want.

Receiving one Dollar per member in your downline doesn't seem much but it can add up quickly; just like drops falling inside a bucket.

Here is a simple example

Level 1: Let's say you refer 2 people. You will receive $2 a month. Not much.

Level 2: Now let's say those 2 people bring in 2 each. That's $4 a month which now it adds up to $6 a month. It is not much either.

Level 3: Now those 4 people bring 2 each which will be 8 people equaling $8 a month. $8 plus $6 is now $14 a month.

Level 4: Those 8 people bring 2 each and that equals $16 a month with a total of $30 a month. Not bad.

Level 5: Those 32 people bring 2 each which will amount to $64 which will equal to $94 a month. AS you can see it can add up!

Not bad but it can get better when you bring more people in and your downline members start bringing referrals.

Getting those first members is what''s hard for some people! Especially for those who are impatient.

Below is an image that shows Global Domains International Compensation plan based on 5 referrals by each member. Click on the image to go to their website and get an account with them.


If you are new at this, you need to treat it as a business. you need to concentrate your efforts to build your downline. You need to spend time and money to get a lot of referrals and the beauty of this is that, when your members start bringing members, your downline will grow exponentially.

Many join expecting to make a lot of money and putting a little bit of effort and when they don't get any results they quit. Of course you get a measly one Dollar per member in your downline but it can add up quickly if you play it smart and get others involved. There are some teams out there that work together to recruit members and this has worked for a lot of people. My team is getting results for my members.

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