Capturing Network Marketing Leads Through Your Lead Capture Page

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Capturing Network Marketing Leads. Create Your Page In Traffic Wave

Capturing your network marketing leads - you need to create a lead capture page so you can capture them.

Continuation from Traffic Wave Autoresponder Setup

Creating Your Network Marketing Leads Capture Page in Traffic Wave.

At this point, you should be in the "Campaign Profile" page. If not, hover your mouse on "Autoresponder" and then click on "Manage My Campaigns." Click on your campaign and then click on "Profile Settings."

Hover your mouse on “Capture Pages/Forms” and click on “Hosted Capture Pages”

Click on “Create New Hosted Capture page.” Fill out the form on that page. Feel free to modify the text.


Give the page a nickname. That's for your information only.

Leave the little square unchecked.


In the headline copy and paste "I Will Place Paid Members Under You!" or something that can attract people.

Sub Headline

Copy and paste: "1000's of People Throughout The World are Earning Fortunes From Home. Are You?" Or something similar.

Paragraph 1

Copy and paste: "We are exploding our downlines with one of the best companies on the net with a HOT Recruiting System which allows us to help you build your organization!"

Paragraph 2

Copy and paste “It works so well because I pay for the traffic that will go to your own affiliate page. The process is simple! If you want to have your own online business and want to grow it fast, please fill out the form to get all the details.”

Paragraph 3

Copy and paste the following: "After confirming your subscription, you will be taken to my advertising page. Be sure to check your spam folder if you do not find the confirmation email in your inbox. I respect your privacy & your email will not be sold or shared with anyone."

In the "Signature Name:" You can enter your website: Mine is

If you redirected your advertising page to your domain, it will become handy here. It will look better than the long URL.

Under "Confirmation Landing URL:" enter your advertising page or your domain name. That's the page your subscribers are going to be sent to after they confirm their subscriptions. DO NOT MISS THIS STEP

You can leave the rest of the fields empty.

When you are done, click on, "Create New Capture Page."

This will take you to "Hosted Capture Pages."

If you would like to view your newly created capture page, scroll down a little and on the right side you will see a long link. Click on the Search icon next to that link and your page will open on a separate window. Place that page under your favorites and copy the link and save it somewhere so you can refer to it. That's the link you are going to be advertising from now on

If you need to edit your page, hover your mouse on "Capture Pages/Forms" and click on "Hosted Capture Pages." Once you are in the "Hosted Capture Pages" scroll down a little and find the name of your capture page. Click on it and that will take you to the form again and make the necessary changes. When you are done, make sure to click on "Edit/Update Capture Page." If you don't do this, your changes will not be saved.

Choosing a new lead capture template

Hover your mouse on "Capture Pages/Forms" and click on "Hosted Capture Pages." Scroll down a little and click on your lead capture page.

When you get to the next screen click on, "Choose New Template." which is located on the right side on the screen. Can't miss it. Once you click on it, you will be taken to all the templates Traffic Wave has available. Click on the numbers located below the templates. Each number represents a set of templates. Or you can click on "Prev" or "Next" to move from page to page.

Once you find the template you like, click on it. The template will pop up and at the bottom of it, click on "Use This Template." Or you can cancel it if don't like it. In fact, you may need to look at most of these templates before you find one that you really like. If you like the template, click on "Use This Template." and you are done.

Hope these instructions about creating your network marketing leads in Traffic Wave were helpful.

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