Adding Your Online email Marketing Letters

30 Minute List Building Challenge

Adding Your Online email Marketing Letters in Traffic Wave

Adding Your Online email Marketing Letters in Traffic Wave is one of the most important aspects of your advertising campaign.

Please follow the instructions below.

Go to "Autoresponder", click on your campaign name, and then click on "Letters."

On the left side menu, click on “Create a New Letter.”

Click on "Start With A Blank Letter."

At the other end of the subject line click on, "Add Token" and select "First name" Put a comma after **FIRSTNAME**, then write, "Welcome to GDI"

Body of email

Delete all the text that is already there.

Place your mouse on the very first blank line and enter "Hello" Leave an extra space after "Hello " and them click on "Tokens" on the menu above and then click on "First name" and then add a coma after it.

Press enter twice and then copy and paste the text below.

“Thank you for subscribing. You should have signed up with GDI by now. If not, please sign up by clicking here and click on one of the sign up links from that page. If you already created your GDI account and did not upgrade, please go there and upgrade. It is only $10 a month!

Once you upgrade your account with GDI, you need to complete a series of short steps so you can set up your system. This way, it will work for your own benefit.

Please Click Here Go To The Page With Instructions

Please start by clicking link #1 on that page and follow the instructions.  Once you are done with link #1, click on link #2 and complete the tasks on that page and so on. Setting up your page is easy and should not take that long but if you need help, please let me know.

My recruiting system works but only if you work with it. You do not have to do any of this if you choose not to. My upline and I will help you get members under you but, if you want to grow your business faster, you need to get involved.

The key to success is to stay focused and advertise like there is no tomorrow. Train your mind to think GDI only and work hard to get referrals. Don't do anything else other than advertising towards your GDI business and you will get AMAZING results!

Please sign up for free at my advertising website and place your ads there. Members are signing every day and they are potential DGI members. Once you get to my website, you will get to know who I am. There is nothing better than knowing who you are working with.

Click Here to Vistit My Advertising Website

Welcome To GDI and To My HOT Recruiting System,

Hector Rivera

Replace all the pertinent information. Follow the instructions below:

Highlight where it says "Clicking Here." then click on the link icon that looks like a paper clip or a chain link. It is on the first row just above the underlined U. Under "URL" enter the link below but before you do, replace harzt01 with your user name:

Press OK.

Highlight "Click Here to Visit My Advertising website" and enter your advertising page under url:

It should look like this

Then press OK.

Now delete my name and my email and replace it with yours.

Once you are done click anywhere on the blank area to make the pop up menu disappear then click on "Save Letter."

Under "#Days Delay" enter 0 and the click on "Submit Delay Changes." This means once your subscribers confirm their subscription, they are going to receive instantly the letter you just created.

After you are done with this click on “Create new letter” and add the text as above (a different letter of course) and when you are done enter 1 under “#Days Delay” and hit “Submit Delay Changes.”

For the next letter you are going to enter 1, the next 2, and so on, By day 5, I like to skip by 2 days so you will enter 7. Each number represents the day a particular email is going to be sent to your subscribers after the initial email that was sent to them.

Once you do the above, you are ready to advertise your lead capture page.

It is important you keep adding emails so your subscriber keep getting them. Write emails to follow up with them for months!

If you have any problems adding your online email marketing letters to your campaign please let me know.

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