Pop-ups and Pop-Under Ads

Pop-upss and Pop-under Ads

These two types of advertisement (pop-ups/pop-under) are the same with slight differences. They can both be classified as pop-ads. When pop-ads are triggered, usually by clicking them, a new window containing an ad is opened either above or below the one that a website visitor is currently viewing. For pop-ups, the new window is opened on top of the current one while for pop-under ads, the new window opens under the one being viewed. Pop-ads can either be placed on your website or the websites of other people.

Because pop-ups tend to disrupt the activities of website users, they could be seen as quite intrusive, and a huge distraction. This is why pop-under ads seem to more effective. Pop-under ads don’t disrupt a user’s activity since they open under the window that is currently being viewed by a user. Apart from their non-intrusive nature, another thing that makes pop-under ads better is that users are more likely to look at the ads once they are done with their activity on the main window. Most times, when users are done with their main activity, and in the process of closing the many windows they might have opened while browsing, they could come across your ad on one of the windows. They won’t usually know where it came from, and there are chances that they may just spend a few seconds trying to figure what the window is talking about. According to statistics obtained from several ad analytics reports, pop-under ads tend to get more views than pop-up ads.

What can you do with pop-ads?

Virtually everything you do with the other kinds of ads can be replicated with pop-ads. You can use it to get sign ups from users, offer a new and improved product, offer sales discounts, etc.

Pros of using pop-ads

Cost: if you would be running the ads yourself perhaps on your website, pop-ads are cheap. Several cheap and even free plugins offer them as service, that is, if your site is on WordPress. As expected, the free plugins have limitations, while the ones that are paid for have more features.

Visibility: they are more visible to site visitors since they often tend to appear everywhere – right there in the front, center or at the bottom of windows, depending on where you want them to pop up.

Conversion: their conversion rates are high especially if what you want to do is to convert visitors to subscribers.

Challenges with pop-ads

Because of their high intrusive nature (especially pop-up ads), a lot of website users see them as highly offensive and don’t waste time before blocking them. There are several techniques that website users employ to block pop-ads. Lots of users install plug-ins on their web browsers that prevent pop-ads from popping up at will. Even without the use of plug-ins, some website users manually disable ads from their browser settings.

In all, using pop-ad is still an excellent way to reach new customers, increase your customer base, and get some loyal subscribers. Especially if it is done well.

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