Text Ads

Text Ads

Text ads appear on the contents of webpages and emails. They use text based hyperlinks that direct users to a landing page or website when clicked to create awareness for a product or service. It can be hard for people to differentiate between regular hyperlinks and a text ad within a page. Most times, you could have content created around your advertisement where you can call your product or service by name. This explains why text-ads have high click through rates, even higher than banner ads. Text-ads also enjoy many of the advantages not available to graphical ads. For instance, ad blockers don’t block text-ads since they appear as part of webpages.

Where do text-ads appear?

There are lots of places where you can place ads. You can place them on your website, but they are mostly placed on websites that have high page ranks. These sites can be commercial sites, or traffic exchange sites. The amount you pay for placing your ad on these sites depends on the page ranks of the sites. Pages with higher page ranks generally cost more; but the results are always much better. And with your link on these websites, you are guaranteed to pull large amounts of traffic to your website and even to gain sales.


1. Helps in website ranking: having your text-ads on websites with page ranks higher than your own website can significantly help in getting your lower ranked site indexed and ranked in search engines. This alone can be all you need to start pulling large chunks of traffic to your website.

2. More click through rates: since people hardly differentiate text-ads from normal texts on a page, they enjoy high click through rates higher than banner ads and most of the other ad types. Ad blockers also do not block them, unlike pop-ads that may be blocked by ad blockers or manually blocked by users.

3. Quick load: this is another major advantage of text-ads. In fact, they can load almost instantly as their load speeds are more dependent on the speed of the ads server than their respective file sizes.

4. Lower cost and high acceptance: since the ads are basically texts with hyperlinks, they are relatively cheap, and lots of websites accept them.


1. Limited: unlike other ad types where you have ample space to talk about your product or service, you don’t have such opportunity with text-ads as there are character limits which restrict the amount of information you can convey.

In addition to the above, if your product or service is one that thrives on graphical allure, text-ads may not be best for you. However, if you are new to advertising, text-ads are a great place to start for budget and ease-of-use as it is still one of the most flexible and easy means to promote your site.

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