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Weekly Updates - November 5, 2017

I will be adding a Rotator and Tracker sometime this week; hopefully later today. These are important tools that every online marketer must have in his/her advertising arsenal. The script costs $197 and every member (free or paid) will get to use it for free! This is one way for me to say thank you for being part of 1-1Hits.com. This will save you money because others charge for these tools.

Remember, all Free members get 20% commissions from referral upgrades and OTO purchases. Upgraded members get up to 75% in commissions depending what their membership level is. If you have a large downline, my advise is for you to upgrade so you can maximize your commissions. If you do not have a downline, you should start building one. If you treat 1-1Hits.com as a business and concentrate building it, you can eventually make a lucrative income.

If you want to earn credits faster, you can purchase a Surfer Jetfuel package. For $2, you can surf for 1 hour and earn 3 credits per website surfed. For $4, you can surf for 2 hours.

Congratulations to those who are building their downlines especially to Steve Bilderback with 31 referrals!

Hope you are having a great weekend and hope you have a productive week ahead.

Stay safe,


Weekly Updates - November 10, 2017

The Rotator/Tracker hast been added at 1-1Hits.com and it is working great. All members have access to these important tools for Free. The use of these tools cost money at other sites and this is a way for me to say thank you for being part of 1-1Hits.com. I will find ways to add more products/tool so you can use and save money.

You can make a nice income at 1-1Hits.com if you grow your downline. Free members are making money (20% commissions) when their referrals upgrade. If you just upgrade to the Gold membership level for $5.00 a month you can increase your earnings to 40% which is huge! You never know who is going to upgrade from your downline and what kind of package they are going to purchase. Some

members are purchasing the annual Gold membership for $49.97 and Gold members are making $19.98! With just $5 this is awesome!

Apply yourself and get referrals because in the end you will make money.

It is easy to get referrals at 1-1Hits.com. Just advertise your referral url because the main home page is getting amazing results! I also recommend to update your programs in the downline builder because chances are your members will sign up to some of those programs.

I lowered the surfing timer to 4 seconds for free member so be sure to surf as much as you can. I will set it back to 6 seconds sometime this coming Sunday.

Have a wonderful day,

Hector Rivera



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